Reinhard Stumpf

There is always just one way - your own way.

My journey has now taken me back to Saudi Arabia. Al-Hilal has again entrusted me with their Olympic Team, setting the clear goal of bringing my players up to the professional team. Numerous players from my first stint with the club have already made their way onto the professional team. Smile Knowing that the club is putting a lot of trust in me and my training skills is a really good feeling. Among other things, I decided to return to Al-Hilal because player development is the club’s clear objective. I keep in close contact to professional team head coach Sami Al-Jaber, who I had learned to appreciate as club manager during my first stint there.

I also held talks with clubs in Germany and Europe, of course. But no other offer was as appealing as this one here in Riyadh. Many people who have followed my career up to this point know that my work is all about the development of my players and a subsequent improvement of their skills as footballers. In addition, my CV and (unfortunately still incomplete) Letters of Reference show that the development of young players is near and dear to me. But in many places, this still is not always a top priority. But it is important to me. Therefore, Al-Hilal’s offer was simply too appealing to keep waiting for similar prospects in Europe.

So here I am. Smile It all went rather quickly and I was not able to properly say goodbye to everyone. Another good reason to activate my Facebook page again. And even though I am not quite sure yet how frequently I will be able to keep you up to speed, I will try my best. Please also feel free to leave your comments on my guestbook page. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards from Riyadh.

Yours truly,